How to become a data scientistZipfian Academy have a 12-week immersive Data Science program. I have not attended myself but will hopefully get a chance in the future. In addition they have some resources they have made available online. There is a good presentation on how to become a data scientist, and also a practical intro to data science.

The Curriculum for the 12-week program is as follows:

Week 1: Software Engineering & EDA
Week 2: Statistical Inference and Probability
Week 3: Regression and Regularization
Week 4: Supervised Learning Methods
Week 5: Unsupervised Learning and NLP
Week 6: Recommenders, Networks, and Time Series
Week 7: Data Engineering & Data Visualization
Week 8: Anomaly Detection, Fraud Prediction, & Case Studies
Week 9: Capstone Project
Week 10: Capstone Project
Week 11: Interview Prep & Hiring Day
Week 12: Interview Prep & Onsite Interviews