Data Science

  1. Data Science Cheat Sheet – Basic
  2. Data Science Cheat Sheet – Advanced


  1. Hadoop for Dummies cheatsheet
  2. Getting Started Apache Hadoop Reference Card
  3. Hadoop Command Line cheatsheet
  4. Working with HDFS from the command line – Hadoop Cheat sheet


  1. R cheat sheet (Google Drive)
  2. R functions for Regression Analysis
  3. R functions for Time series Analysis
  4. R Cheat Sheet
  5. Data Visualization with R
  6. Data Analysis the data.table way
  7. Data Visualisation with ggplot2 cheatsheet by R studio


  1. Python 2.7 Quick Reference Sheet
  2. Python Cheat Sheet by DaveChild
  3. Python Basics Reference sheet
  4. NumPy / SciPy / Pandas Cheat Sheet

Machine Learning

  1. Choosing the right estimator Machine Learning cheatsheet
  2. Patterns for Predictive learning cheatsheet
  3. Machine learning algorithm cheat sheet for Microsoft Azure
  4. Machine Learning cheatsheet Github 1
  5. Machine Learning cheatsheet Github 2
  6. Machine Learning which algorithm performs best?
  7. Cheat sheet 10 machine learning algorithms R commands


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I also find the Azure ML Cheatsheet very useful

Machine Learning Algorithm cheat sheet: Learn how to choose a Machine Learning algorithm.