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You can choose from a wide range of models, or create your own model based on basic operations. Polyaxon supports by default a large number of highly modular built-in neural network layers, regularizers, optimizers, metrics… That being said it’s easy to add your own operations….

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Practical Tips for Success with Machine Learning

In the last year, the hype around AI has been deafening. And for good reason. Despite a long hiatus in the AI research community without any major wins, we’ve made some amazing progress lately….

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Google to Automate Machine Learning with AutoML Service

Organizations that want to get started with machine learning but are intimidated by the cost and complexity – not to mention the difficulty of finding data scientists — may be interested in a new service Google announced today called Google AutoML….

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These fields are booming these days. In order not to become rusty, one has to constantly follow the updates. Here is the essential guide on how to keep up with the important news/papers/discussions/tutorials. This guide is by no means an exhaustive one so contributions are truly welcome….

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7 Best Note-Taking Tools for Programmers

Programming is an activity prone to frustration and difficulty — even when done as a hobby….

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Top Data Scientists to Follow & Best Data Science Tutorials on GitHub

Twitter started the trend of ‘People to Follow’. This later got replicated by other platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Quora and GitHub. This cool feature lets you connect with the rockstars of various domains and get an access to what is going on their end without bothering them much….

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A modern guide to getting started with Data Science and Python

Python has an extremely rich and healthy ecosystem of data science tools. Unfortunately, to outsiders this ecosystem can look like a jungle (cue snake joke). In this blog post I will provide a step-by-step guide to venturing into this PyData jungle….

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Huge Trello List of Great Data Science Resources

I have been reading and collecting data science resources for years (back in the days when BI / BA was all the rage). While there are lots of resources on the net, not all are great and some are even misleading. Now, I have updated my collection and placed them into a neat Trello list, open to all….

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The future of deep learning

This post is adapted from Section 3 of Chapter 9 of my book, Deep Learning with Python (Manning Publications). It is part of a series of two posts on the current limitations of deep learning, and its future. You can read the first part here: The Limitations of Deep Learning….

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