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A curated list of articles from my continous learning journey

Why continuous learning is key to AI

There will back-to-back half-day tutorials on reinforcement learning at the upcoming Artificial Intelligence conference in San Francisco: Building reinforcement learning applications with Ray and Introduction to reinforcement learning….

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Introducing learnr

We’re pleased to introduce the learnr package, now available on CRAN. The learnr package makes it easy to turn any R Markdown document into an interactive tutorial. Tutorials consist of content along with interactive components for checking and reinforcing understanding….

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Want to get started with data science and artificial intelligence, but lack the skilled personnel to do it? You could be a candidate for machine learning software company’s latest creation, Driverless AI, which it compares to “Kaggle Grandmaster in a box.”…

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Google Mimics Human Brain with Unified Deep Learning Model

Despite the progress we’ve made in deep learning, the approach remains out of reach for many, largely due to the high costs associated with tuning models for specific AI tasks….

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How to Scale Data for Long Short-Term Memory Networks in Python

The data for your sequence prediction problem probably needs to be scaled when training a neural network, such as a Long Short-Term Memory recurrent neural network. When a network is fit on unscaled data that has a range of values (e.g….

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Recommendation System Algorithms

Today, many companies use big data to make super relevant recommendations and growth revenue. Among a variety of recommendation algorithms, data scientists need to choose the best one according a business’s limitations and requirements….

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Effectively Using Matplotlib

The python visualization world can be a frustrating place for a new user. There are many different options and choosing the right one is a challenge. For example, even after 2 years, this article is one of the top posts that lead people to this site….

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Keras Cheat Sheet: Neural Networks in Python

Keras is an easy-to-use and powerful library for Theano and TensorFlow that provides a high-level neural networks API to develop and evaluate deep learning models. We recently launched one of the first online interactive deep learning course using Keras 2.0, called “Deep Learning in Python….

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Machine Learning Is Not Magic: It’s All About Math, Stats, Data, and Programming

This piece is the first in a series, called “Machine Learning Is Not Magic,” covering how to get started in machine learning, using familiar tools such as Excel, Python, Jupyter Notebooks and machine learning cloud services from Azure and Amazon Web Services….

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